Monday, February 2, 2009


I am 11 years old and love to play sports. I am doing swim team this summer and maybe even play basketball. I want you to tell lots about my blog. I have lots of pet fish, one dog, and a hamster. I love to play with my friends at school. We love to play tag on the play structure even though we are not supposed to. We also like to play ultimate tag because it involves so much running. The rules are last two people that get out to recess are the two it. When you get tagged you are it for the whole recess and are it with the others. Okay, more with my family. I have a little sister and little brother. I also have two little cousins that live with me.


  1. I really enjoyed reading all about you. Your a great kid, Cody. I am lucky to be your mom! I look forward to lots more posts.
    Love Mom.

  2. Hi Cody,

    I like sports, too. My favorite pro teams are the SF Giants (baseball is my favorite sport) and the SF 49ers. I kind of stopped watching the NBA... although I do like the Kings. I really liked the Warriors when I was your age. I remember they won a couple of titles. They were the closest team to us in Woodland.

    I also have three fish... comets. And I have chicken. We thought she was done laying eggs, but she still comes through now and again with her trademark blue ones. We had a dog and a cat. They were great pets but they are now gone. That was sad.

    We used to play on the monkey bars at Gibson School. I don't think we ever got busted for playing tag. I remember once in 5th grade, Randy Boatman was resting on top of the monkey bars... this was in the primary kids playground, not sure why we were over there at the time. We was just resting, I guess, in the sun. Well, Rudy Fletcher thought that was funny that Randy was just laying up there during recess so he made up a song. It went like this:

    Take a sun bath,
    Take a sun bath,
    Sun baths are for taking,
    that's why I take 'em,
    Take a sun bath

    Randy spent the rest of the recess chasing Rudy around the playground - that really got his goat!

  3. WOW!!!! I didnt know 6th grade boys did the blog thing! (this is Emmy Ferrendelli)