Monday, February 16, 2009

Boy Scout hike

I belong to the "Lightning Patrol", troop 99/133 of Boy Scouts. Each month we go on a hike and this month we went on a hike at Diamond Head trail. It is the only trail in CA that is accessible by wheelchairs. It took about 3 hours to drive there and the trail was about 5 miles long. We saw lots of snow on cars, deer in a field and other weird animals.
Below is a salamander that was almost dead. It was so cold out it almost died.
Here is a picture of the river coming down from a waterfall, just out of view. You can see the trail is made out of ramps so wheelchairs can ride on it.

Here is another picture of the river.

Our Scout leader brought his dog Jenny along for the hike.

This is a picture of a water flume, which carry water to where they needed it.

I had a really good time on this hike. I highly recommend Boy Scouts for any kids who like to hike.


  1. Great post Cody. I like the photos a lot. I was wondering... what is the name of that river?

  2. Great photos Code! I am so glad that you love Scouts. I am so glad that BroHo is your leader. You will remember these experiences for the rest of your life. How lucky to have such a great group!
    Love Mom