Saturday, February 7, 2009

Whats Up

Hi i really need you to tell lots of people about this blog I only have one person looking at my blog...and its me! I really want this blog to be as good as the Woodland Journal that my dad does. I need you to tell everone with a computer to check it out. If you do i will be so happy. You tell me a story you want me to write about and I will try to write it. For all you you who play runescape,wizard 101,or wow(world of warcraft) let me know I can hook you up with people just like your level and just how good you are. In all those games you are probably better than me. In runescape I am a level 64 in wizard 101 im a level 5 in wow im a level 14 but I dont play that anymore.


  1. Cody, You are getting a little following! Congratulations! I really enjoy your blog. I think you're doing a great job.
    I'd like you to tell a story about being the oldest brother/cousin of 5 kids. Or how about a day in the life of Cody on a typical day? Or better yet, a story about how cool your mom is!
    Love Mom

  2. Hey Cody...I like your blog! I hope you get lots of comments. Write a story about you and Alexander and the Aliens at recess. I will read it, and probably laugh. Love, Mrs. F

  3. Hey Cody...I wanted you to know that I think you are a super bright kid, and I love you very much. Please write a story about your hobbies. I would like to know more about what your into know a days. Love Aunt Christina.