Thursday, February 5, 2009

Video Games

What type of video games do you like? Do you like Wii gun games or do you like XBox skateboard games. I like all games but I like sports more than I like to sit around. I would rather get up and play football than sit and play Halo 1 2 or 3. What would you rather do play sports or play video games. I like this game called RuneScape. It is an online adventure game and it is really fun for anyone who likes computer games.

Leave a comment on what type of game you like.


  1. I would rather play sports outside in the fresh air rather than play video games. I spend a lot of working time on the computer, so I don't really want to play on it during my free time.

    This year I will play softball at the new turf fields in Woodland. That will be fun. I hear the bats are hot. They won't let us use the hot bats in the league I play in up at Penn Valley.

    I think it is important for kids to exercise and learn how to play team sports. I hope when you are an adult, you can convince the government to make sure kids have lots of PE and art in school rather than go to school to learn how to take tests. I'm afraid my generation is not doing a very good job about providing the best education for kids, but I know your teachers are very good. Teachers do the best they can when others make decisions for them. Keep up the good work in school!

  2. Cody, I am so glad that you would rather play the actual sport. Yay! I can't wait to watch you in swim team again.
    Love Mom